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    Sanding Steel Tube Company has gathered a group of high-quality employees, emphasizing the basic qualities of team cooperation, hard work, courage and responsibility, and continuous improvement. Combining with advanced and effective management mechanism, Sanding Steel Tube Company gives full play to the subjective initiative of employees, works creatively and achieves remarkable performance.

     1. From January 1995 to March 1995, the preliminary work of project approval, land purchase and planning and design was completed.
     2. From April 1995 to June 1995, we completed the construction of workshop, office building, auxiliary room, canteen, yard, equipment installation, commissioning and staff training.
     3. It was put into operation at the end of June 1995.
    4 . In July 1995, Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Commission passed the product appraisal of spiral welded pipe for piles. In the same month, he was granted the "Spiral Welded Pipe Production License for Piles" issued by the Production License Office of Ningbo Planning Commission.
     5. In September 1995, ISO9000 training was conducted for all staff, and the spirit of ISO9000 was fully implemented.
     6. In November 1995, he obtained the "Three Level Qualification Certificate of Measurement" from the Technical Supervision Bureau.
     7. In March 1996, he won the Ningbo Science and Technology Advanced Progress Award.
     8. In July 1996, it was recognized as AAA credit enterprise by Ningbo Branch of China Construction Bank.
     9. In August 1996, he was awarded the title of "Advanced Enterprise in Science and Technology" by Ningbo Foreign Economic and Trade Commission.
     10. In July 1996, Hong Kong Strength Engineering Co., Ltd. undertook orders of near-limit specifications_406.4mm *15mm.
     11. ISO9002 quality assurance system certification was carried out at the end of 1996. On December 31, he obtained the certificate of ISO9002 Quality System Certification.
     12. In November 1997, it was appraised by Ningbo Economic Committee as "Advanced Enterprise Implementing GB/T19000-ISO9000 Standards".
     13. In November 1998, it was awarded the title of Industrial Enterprise with Best Economic Benefit in Zhejiang Province.
     14. In October 1999, he obtained the "Production License for Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipe for Common Fluid Pipeline" issued by China Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.
     15. In November 1999, it undertook the manufacture of 27,000 tons of 2438 mm x 16 mm water supply pipeline for the BOT project of water supply in Chengdu, the first city in China.
     16. It passed the ISO9002 quality system certification review in March 2000.
     17. In May 2002, he obtained the "Production License for Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipe for Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipeline" issued by China Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.
     18. In June 2000, it was recognized as an "advanced technology enterprise" again by Ningbo Foreign Economic and Trade Commission. In the same month, it passed the API certification of the American Petroleum Society.
     19. In 2003, the company successfully passed the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Replacement Certification.
     20. In 2003, the steel pipe piles of Donghai Bridge in Shanghai Deepwater Port were manufactured into 1500mm *18mm and 30000 tons.
     21, 2003-2006 undertook the manufacture of steel pipe piles for Hangzhou Bay Sea-Crossing Bridge, which is a national key project. The main body of the bridge and the sea sightseeing platform are welded by spiral joints of the whole pile. The diameter of the single pile is 1600mm and 1500mm, and the maximum length is 89 meters. There are 5514 steel pipe piles in the project. The length, weight and total production of the pile are equal in the production of bridge steel pipe piles at home and abroad. Ranking first.
     22. From 2003 to 2007, we successively undertook the steel pipe manufacturing of the key projects of the province, such as the Shanxi Shuili Project in Wenzhou, the water environment project of Ningbo City, the key project of Ningbo City, the large industrial water supply project of Ningbo and the Dongqianhu Water Plant of Ningbo. The total length of the steel pipe line is 50,000 meters.
     23. In January 2004, the new technology of unequal wall thickness Welding developed by the company itself was granted a national practical patent.
     24. From 2005 to 2006, the water diversion pipeline of Shanghai Fengjia Water Conservancy Project_3620mm *25.4mm. The water diversion pipeline of this specification has broken through the limit of the company's original maximum production capacity 3048.
     25. From 2006 to 2007, the project undertook the manufacturing task of steel pipe piles of Jintang Bridge, Zhoushan Continental Island. The project features that the whole pile steel pipe is made of spiral welded steel pipe and straight welded steel pipe, with a diameter of 1 600 mm and a maximum length of 87.5 meters. In order to improve the quality and efficiency of welding during manufacture, the submerged arc automatic welding was also used to improve the operation equipment of internal girth weld in butt welding of super-long steel pipe piles. A long cantilever operation mechanism was designed to solve this bottleneck.
     26. From 2006 to 2007, we undertook 12,000 tons of foreign steel pipe pile orders.
     27. In December 2007, Hangzhou Bay Sea-Crossing Bridge was awarded the first prize of science and technology by China Highway Society for its complete set of technology of steel pipe pile design, manufacture, anti-corrosion and pile driving.
     28. In 2008, the steel sheath of Pingtan Strait Bridge was processed. The large diameter and the whole pile structure were divided into upper, middle and lower sections, with different wall thickness. The production of steel pipe piles was completed by one-time rolling and welding of the whole pile.
     29. From 2008 to 2009, we undertook the steel pipe pile (steel sheath) project of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port wharf.
     30, 2008-2009 to undertake the Shanghai Donghai Bridge 100 MW offshore wind power demonstration project steel pipe pile.
     31. In December 2008, the company won the title of Ningbo Famous Brand Product again and entered Australia and Middle East market.
     32. In 2009, it undertook the second phase of Zhoushan Continental Water Diversion Project, the trans-sea water pipeline, the Ningbo Xiangshan Port Highway Bridge, the steel pipe pile project of the wiring project and the Nanao Bridge.
     33. API review was passed in June 2009.
     34. The radiation safety permit was approved in September 2009.
     35. In November 2009, he was awarded the "Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Enterprises Credit A-Abide by Contract and Respect Credit" unit.
     36. The special equipment manufacturing license was reviewed in February 2010.
     37. In 2010, Wenzhou Gate Cross-Sea Bridge, Zhoushan Wugang Wharf, CLB, FMG projects will be undertaken.
     38. In 2011, it undertook QCLNG project, Zhuyong Expressway Wenzhou Extension Project, Zhoushan Port Laotangshan Port Project, Ningbo Maojiaping Waterworks Exit Pipeline Project, Meishan Bonded Regional 3, 4, 5, FMG Project.
     39. Undertake Yueqing Electric Tower, CLBB, Waidaodiao Project in 2012